A fun space to connect on how some shows make us feel

Having discovered my new found love for Animes and Kdramas you can bet I spend most of my free time binging on shows from these mediums. Soon, I realized, every time I watched an anime something would click, and though I have my bestie to talk about it, she being my only other Otaku and co-fangirl, I wanted to lessen her burden and widen the scope of these discussions to anyone who might be interested. I wanted to share them with people who feel the same, could relate or would just enjoy reading them and probably share a laugh or two at the weirdness of my thoughts. The topics range anywhere from reviews, life lessons, character analysis, plot points to cinematography or just plain and simple “how hot and/or cute are the characters!”. This inspired me to create Neeno Noodle Bowl and blog about anything and everything that popped in my mind while watching these shows to share it with you all. Hoping we enjoy not only the fact that we might love similar things but also might discover something absolutely new. Now isn’t that cool? 🙂

Hope to make this a fun space to discuss interesting thoughts and concepts.

Hi! Neeno desu! Watchu watchin’?

I have always loved movies, and TV shows! It’s always been my happy place. But just a few years ago I found myself entering the colourful world of Animes, K-dramas and even K-pop and thanks to the quarantine I was able to explore it to my hearts’ content and more. 

I truly enjoy talking about them. At this point I’m sure I can relate anything to animes, and vice versa. Funny memes to life lessons, they all seem to merge with these two worlds for me.
I got to try, learn, and understand so many different things because of them. Oooh, I also started learning Japanese, with a goal to one day be able to watch animes without the subtitles. Ah! That’s the dream. How awesome would that be? Sugoi Desu Ne! Now, I can go on and on about my random thoughts. So enough about me, let me know a little about you too. Comment below, contact, dms, tweets anything works 🙂
Love to get to know more awesome, clearly people of fine culture, like you. :p

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