SAKAMICHI NO APOLLON: Love, Bromance and all that Jazz

Love me an underrated Slice of Life that revolves around strong friendships. Aaah my heart. Friendships for me have always been more important to me than my romantic relationships. It’s the philosophy I live by and this is one of those shows that portrays it so beautifully. Sakamichi no Apollon (aka Kids on the slope) has got the love, the bonds, the honesty, the fights, the understanding wrapped in rounded music to set the mood just right. A beautiful front row view of how one person can make such a difference in your life.

WOTAKOI: Waiting for season 2 is hard for an Otaku

Wotaku ni Koi wa MuzukashiiLength: 11 episodes, 2 Ova’sGenre: Comedy, Slice of life, Romance, Josei Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku is one of my absolute favorite shows. It’s cute, sweet, romantic and quirky. It’s the “warm bowl of ramen with a soft boiled egg on a cold night under a warm blanket” of shows.Continue reading “WOTAKOI: Waiting for season 2 is hard for an Otaku”

HOTEL DEL LUNA: Top 10 Aesthetic Scenes and Frames

*Contains Spoilers* AESTHETIC, AESTHETIC, AESTHETIC If I could describe this show in three words, that would be it. This show has one of the most beautiful visuals I have ever seen in a K-drama. Right from the cinematography, the backdrops, locations, to the outfits and accessories – this show is as visually enticing as itContinue reading “HOTEL DEL LUNA: Top 10 Aesthetic Scenes and Frames”

THE MILLIONAIRE DETECTIVE: Missed Opportunity for a Badass Bromance

Fugou Keiji: Balance UnlimitedGenre: Mystery, Comedy, PoliceLength: 11 episodes My temptation to watch this show came from my deep rooted love of detective shows. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I simp for detective crime fighters. Sherlock Holmes is my mans. I’ve seen the show, watched the movies and read the books.Continue reading “THE MILLIONAIRE DETECTIVE: Missed Opportunity for a Badass Bromance”

DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL Made me Hysterically Angry Blog

*Contains Major Spoilers* I honestly didn’t think I would angry blog, especially this early in the game, but here I am. This show made me do it. I wish the show would take full responsibility for it. Okay, so it’s not as bad as I made it sound here, but I’m not lying when IContinue reading “DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL Made me Hysterically Angry Blog”

HINAMATSURI: Characters that Unexpectedly Boost your Mood

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Sci-fi, supernatural, SeinenLength: 12 episodesAdaptation of the Manga series Hinamatsuri written and illustrated by Masao Ōtake Sometimes I just pick random animes to watch from either my Netflix recommendations list, My Anime List, or well memes I see online. I try not to read its reviews or plot and goContinue reading “HINAMATSURI: Characters that Unexpectedly Boost your Mood”


As a kid I liked all these “makeover” stories a lot. It all started with the one where the ugly duckling turned into a pretty white swan. Then, there was the Princess Diaries, Miss Congeniality, Devil wears Prada, oh and we can’t forget Cinderella and all the reboots! I was pulled by the whole “before-after”Continue reading “SHE WAS PRETTY… and she still is so F*CK BEAUTY STANDARDS!”

REANIMATION JUTSU : The Resurrection Dilemma

‘Dilemma? I mean isn’t it obvious?’ or that’s what I thought for a very long time. Whenever a scene in a Sci-fi TV show or movie would pop up where there was a scenario to bring back the dead, it was an instant reaction of, “Of course, NOT!”. I was very clear about this upContinue reading “REANIMATION JUTSU : The Resurrection Dilemma”

Because This Was My First K-drama

*Minor Spoilers* Yup, I’m talking about ‘Because this is my first Life’. It was definitely one of my firsts. I started watching K-dramas during quarantine and this time of my life – as I am sure for a lot of us, was quite a blur. Despite the haziness of isolation, I distinctly remember absolutely lovingContinue reading “Because This Was My First K-drama”

How Anime slowly sneaked into my life at the right time

*To Listen to it as a podcast go to the bottom of the page 🙂 I very recently became an Anime watcher, no, Anime binger seems more like it, honestly. Though believe me, I had my reservations; too many in fact, as a lot of people do, especially with Animes, K-dramas or K-pop. I didContinue reading “How Anime slowly sneaked into my life at the right time”