REANIMATION JUTSU : The Resurrection Dilemma

‘Dilemma? I mean isn’t it obvious?’ or that’s what I thought for a very long time. Whenever a scene in a Sci-fi TV show or movie would pop up where there was a scenario to bring back the dead, it was an instant reaction of, “Of course, NOT!”. I was very clear about this upContinue reading “REANIMATION JUTSU : The Resurrection Dilemma”

Because This Was My First K-drama

*Minor Spoilers* Yup, I’m talking about ‘Because this is my first Life’. It was definitely one of my firsts. I started watching K-dramas during quarantine and this time of my life – as I am sure for a lot of us, was quite a blur. Despite the haziness of isolation, I distinctly remember absolutely lovingContinue reading “Because This Was My First K-drama”

How Anime slowly sneaked into my life at the right time

*To Listen to it as a podcast go to the bottom of the page 🙂 I very recently became an Anime watcher, no, Anime binger seems more like it, honestly. Though believe me, I had my reservations; too many in fact, as a lot of people do, especially with Animes, K-dramas or K-pop. I didContinue reading “How Anime slowly sneaked into my life at the right time”