HOTEL DEL LUNA: Top 10 Aesthetic Scenes and Frames

*Contains Spoilers* AESTHETIC, AESTHETIC, AESTHETIC If I could describe this show in three words, that would be it. This show has one of the most beautiful visuals I have ever seen in a K-drama. Right from the cinematography, the backdrops, locations, to the outfits and accessories – this show is as visually enticing as itContinue reading “HOTEL DEL LUNA: Top 10 Aesthetic Scenes and Frames”

DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL Made me Hysterically Angry Blog

*Contains Major Spoilers* I honestly didn’t think I would angry blog, especially this early in the game, but here I am. This show made me do it. I wish the show would take full responsibility for it. Okay, so it’s not as bad as I made it sound here, but I’m not lying when IContinue reading “DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL Made me Hysterically Angry Blog”


As a kid I liked all these “makeover” stories a lot. It all started with the one where the ugly duckling turned into a pretty white swan. Then, there was the Princess Diaries, Miss Congeniality, Devil wears Prada, oh and we can’t forget Cinderella and all the reboots! I was pulled by the whole “before-after”Continue reading “SHE WAS PRETTY… and she still is so F*CK BEAUTY STANDARDS!”

Because This Was My First K-drama

*Minor Spoilers* Yup, I’m talking about ‘Because this is my first Life’. It was definitely one of my firsts. I started watching K-dramas during quarantine and this time of my life – as I am sure for a lot of us, was quite a blur. Despite the haziness of isolation, I distinctly remember absolutely lovingContinue reading “Because This Was My First K-drama”